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meals for our kids some of the new choices fox 5 news at 7 starts now. let's lookout side courtesy of our tower cam high above wisconsin avenue, wednesday morning july 13th, 2011 glad you are with us this morning and good morning i am steve. >> i am alison seymour heads up for you, it is 82 degrees now. >> like it never really cooled off. >> we will find out how much it will warm up now good morning tony. >> good morning to both of you yeah, a warm start to the day definitely low 80s upper 70s elsewhere it is going to be another warm day although not as warm as yesterday we've got improvements coming let's start showing you the satellite radar the live picture, that is really the best way the show you what is going on plenty of blue sky out there, a pretty start to the day, warm and muggy although it has been
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muggier in some previous days satellite radar, a few clouds here and there for the most part sunshine that is the way it will be for the bulk of the day clouds will build in, passage of a front and those clouds could bring thunderstorms current temperatures around the region, 82 in the district, 76 baltimore, more reasonable 71 dulles, naval air station, 7 degrees your -- 79 degrees. your forecast today, 93 degrees hot, not as hazy, not as humid, high 93 degrees instead of 97 where we were yesterday. that is the latest on the weather now the latest on this mornings rush hour traffic we've had improvements there as well, hey, julie. >> that's right better news travelling southbound i-95 mare land, the accident reported land time around has improved. as you travel northbound you
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will find lanes are open out of stafford, traffic line is heavy headed through wood bridge. again our lanes are open no incidents to report but slow as you travel underneath the belt way. back in 5 and update the ride. 66 into the sun, no surprise, delays fair oaks headed eastbound, slow traffic at the belt way, traffic behaving nicely there no other incidents to report around the capital parkway. southbound 29, traffic lights slowing you down as you travelout of white oak that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. big story this morning hearing on airport security on the hill. >> chair of a house subcommittee says commercial airports are vulnerable despite changes since 9/11. live at dulles international with details good morning. >> reporter: good morning
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disquieting news now that we are in the mid of the busy summer travel season indeed utah representative is saying this and he says it is cause for concern since november 2001,25,000 breaches of security have occurred at the nations airports now tsa is countering that saying that is just a tiny fraction of 5.5 billion people searched since 2001 however it is causing concern and he is holding this hearing today, now there are those who says the not a matter of changing security procedures but simply implementing smarter security. >> stop relying on technology, use the human brain, hire only qualified people train them well, let them understand the type of people are in their hands. you may remember last week
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that was a frightening incident in newark new jersey when a stun gun was found onboard a jet blue airlines in a seat pocket tsa continues to investigate as to how that got onboard the flight. so far no word as to who brought it onboard or how it managed to get through security. a hearing on capitol hill takes place today reporting live stacy cohen back to you. jury now in place in roger clemens trial opening statements will begin later this morning 10 women, 2 men will decide the baseball legend's fate. they will decide whether a 2008 congressional hearing was a valid legislative enquiry he is charged with purgery, obstruction and facing 30 years in prison if convicted. the man charged with starting three fires in the district is due in court, one
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fire maurice dues is accused of starting injured five firefighters back in april. his original court day to day was postpone -- date was postponed after a judge ordered him to under go a psychiatric evaluation. in prince georges county, a man was beat by a group of teen anallers, 50-year-old raymond stuart and another man tried to break up a fight when they were attacked by a dozen young men stuart was hit by a 2 by 4 and metal pole and later died suspects could all face murder charges. maryland man is calling for a criminal investigation after he was assaulted by a local police officer. last month, george mccullough, who is fighting stage 4 lung cancer walked out of the st.
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georges hospital. without telling anyone. a short time later a police officer found him walking down the road. >> he said where do you thing you going i said i am going home he said oh, you are not going home i said yes, sir, i am going home he grabbed me. >> then the officer yanked him to the ground punched and kicked him with his knee in his back. the police chief says he believes mccull log started yelling at the officer the chief says that was not the officers intention but mccull log became violent. social security recipients could be cut off. >> as one republican is throwing the white house a lifeline doug luzader has the latest. >> reporter: more debt ceiling talks at the white house just in case there is now a back up plan in the works. it has come to this, president
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obama says next month social security payments of about $20 billion could be in jeopardy. >> i cannot guarantee those checks go out on august 3rd if we have not resolved this issue there may simply not be the money in the could havers to do it. a broad -- coughers to do it. a broad statement. negotiations at the white house are a daily occurrence but so far no agreements to cut spending or race taxes from republican senate minority leader came a possible alternative. >> we are not going to send the signal to the markets and american people, that default is an option. mcconnell's idea would allow the president to borrow more money unless congress votes him down. many are not crazy about the plan and president and speaker of the house john boehner want
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to hold out for a larger deal even with the deadline rapidly approaching. >> as dangerous as that may be, i still think this is the time to do this. >> as far as back up plan is concerned reaction so far has been little luke warm that may change as we get closer and closer to august 2nd. in washington doug luzader, fox news. in the presidential race, ron paul says he is resigning from congress and not going to run again he will focus on his run for president. the 75-year-old said he has gotten more support for his run than ever and he is not going tootle to run for two offices at the same time. >> john hunts man is in south carolina former utah governor comparing his resume to mitt romney he told voters under his leadership utah ranked first in job creation. also just learning that
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president obama brought in a lot of money for his campaign and democratic party his campaign reporting he raised more than $86 million in the last three months both for his re-election campaign and democratic coughers giving him a big fundraising lead over republicans. some other top stories a man arrested during a protest outside the united states capitol goes on trial he is accused of disorderly con conduct and blocking passage back in april. silver is a ward 6 advisory neighbourhood commissioner his supporters are planning a rally outside the courthouse this morning. >> dc council approved a major shake up of committee assignment, one of the biggest surprises, stripping tommy wells of his position. many are focussing back on the
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two fully loaded suvs ordered for him at cost. the website greater greater washington broke the story and it may be political pay back. >> he has been angry with tommy wells since the suv report this is a big surprise, brown is sending a clear signal he expects councilmembers to cover up the wrong doing he himself has engaged in. councilmember wells says he is not focussing on browns decision he will take over the committee on parks and recreation. dcs government will not be in the business of selling guns councilmember phil mendle son has with drawn a bill that would allow the government to temporarily act as a gun dealer the only legal gun dealer in the district closed earlier this year the mayors office is trying to find a new location for the business. men doll son said he will give -- mendle son said he will give some time for that to happen.
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the embattled wife of jack johnson headed back to work she voted on several nominations but did not talk to reporters or address calls for her to step down immediately she admitted in federal court to destroying a $100,000 check from a developer to her husband and trying to hide nearly $80,000 in cash from the fbi stashing it in her bra last week she announced she will resign end of the month. 7:11 a.m., 83 degrees on wednesday morning significant discovery that may help in the fight against aids. >> changes coming to several chain restaurant's menus that will benefit your child's health. get ready to dig deeper into your wallet if you are a netflix customer. straight ahead. as we take you to break a live lookout side the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie on the other side again 7:11 a.m.
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dc among the top clean economy leaders in the u.s. according to a new report by the booking institution. the district ranks 4th behind l.a. sheika kago in the number of -- chicago and new york on clean jobs. on a state level virginia ranks 15th nationally maryland comes in number 23. >> new york number one? so we are talking about green -- >> probably number of jobs maybe. >> green jobs available. okay. yeah. >> a lot of people work in new york if it was on sheer numbers biggest cities would come
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first. >> i recycle,. >> oh, absolutely. yes i do the same. >> we have recycling bins behind us. >> we do what we are supposed to do. >> okay good. >> okay. let's -- this whole initiative company initiative. >> oh. >> let's look at what is going on out there, start with temperatures not just here but across the country our temperature has gone up, 83 degrees. it hasn't gone up 83 degrees it has gone up to 83 degrees. 78 degrees right now, in raleigh, check out those 60s up to our north and west that is headed this way i think we will see 60s tonight, so that will be good after overnight lows 70s and low 80s across the country cooler air out to the north and west hot again down to the south we are right there with them. warmer here now than it is in miami how about that. >> interesting. >> yeah, by 5 degrees. take a look at the satellite radar composite for the region skies aren't bad plenty of blue
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sky i showed you temperatures in the 60s north and west that is behind a cold front you can see the rain associated with that front it will sink south ward, come through here bring us some relief after today, could bring some thunderstorms later on today and this evening. here is your 5 day forecast, high today 93 degrees, still warm but better than yesterday, chance of afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms some of them could be strong particularly south and east of the district then tomorrow a better day, 87 degrees, lower humidity and check out friday, saturday and sunday, i am going to say, perfect. >> excellent. >> mid-80s. sunshine, lower humidity not bad at all. >> great. >> we will take it. >> thanks tony. >> sounds great let's check with julie wright. did some body say miami? >> we said it was warmer here. >> oh. >> if you want warmth it is warmer here than miami >> i thought we were doing a live broadcast or something. >> wouldn't that be fantastic.
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>> how do we make that happen? >> it is not going to happen. [ laughter ] >> always raining on my parade. all right northbound 395, on the brakes, duke street headed out toward seminary road, 14th street bridge no accidents northbound i-95, slow going and headed up to springfield, lanes open just volume delays as you travel northbound delays travelling on the outer loop of the belt way, after the springfield interchange. towards hell graph road travel -- telegraph road travelling into the sun southbound 270, delays rockville headed towards 228, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. a consumer alert to pass alodge to you this morning treasury department announcing paper savings bonds will no longer be sold at banks for the
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first time in 76 years anyone who wants to buy them after december 31st will have to buy them online they are shifting from paper to electronic savings bonds and setting up a web based program to offer them. >> fcc is taking on annoying cell phone bill mystery fees they want to make it easier for you to find them as well as challenge them proposal takes on the practice known as cramming a small unauthorized fee buried in your phone bill. >> get ready to pay more to use netflix if you want to rent dvds by mail and watch videos over the internet, you will have to pay $16 a month up from 10 however the $8 streaming only option will remain unchanged. a health alert for you a significant development in the fight against aids daily pill apparently prevents disease, two new studies in africa found daily medication prevented infection of the aids virus in
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straight men and women they contradict earlier research that shows the pills did not stop infection in women one was conducted in bat swan that by the cdc the other by university of washington in kenya. a major announcement today from at least 19 large restaurant chains, sarah similar monos is back with us to serve up the healthier details good morning. >> good morning we are talking about at least 15,000 restaurant locations that will go out of their way to give parents healthier options for their children they include increases in fruits and vegetables, lane proteins, whole grains, low fat dairy. now among the restaurants taking part in the kids live well campaign are burger king, chilly's i hop, denny's cracker barrel and outback steak house to participate the restaurants must include at least one kids
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meal of no more than 600- caloriecannot include soda there must be a side dish choice of fewer than 200 calories some restaurants will have servers take the initiative towards healthy eating towards kids employees will no longer make french fries and sodas default choices, servers will ask parents if they prefer milk or sliced apples. now you might have noticed i didn't mention mcdonald's on the list, a mcdonald's spokesperson tell it is l.a. times the fast food chain already listens to parents in modifying kids meals to make them healthier but didn't rule out joining the kids live well campaign in the future. good news there. restaurants trying to make some choices there. >> good news. thank you. a change in menu for one popular coffee shop. starbucks now offering its new trenta size drinks, 31-ounces,
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iced coffee or tea those are the only drinks available in that size it has 90 calories per unsweetened drinks, 230 calories for those with sugar. >> there you go. >> that is a big old drink. >> nice big caffeine fix in the morning. 7:22 a.m., one man's use of airline snacks lands him in jail why and a day in court for an unruly passenger, accused of an air scare on a united flight. plus the dance theatre america's pre mere this weekend in -- premier this weekend in dc. holly morris is checking out the show this morning. >> the american premier of this dance theatre. >> okay. >> first time here. >> okay we will check with holly she will straighten it out for us 
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making headlines one airline passenger under arrest accused of throwing food at a flight attendant. police say the happen was on a southwest flight monday -- man was on a southwest flight monday night when he attempted to smoke an electronic cigarette, he was told to put it away and the man started throwing peanuts and pretzels. one million dollar bond for a saw diman accused of forcing a united airlines plane to make a stop in ohio. the bond reduced to 25,000 dollars after the saw diembassy sent a lawyer the man repeatedly went to the bathroom and locked himself inside as the plane was taking off from chicago, ignored flight attendants who asked him to sit down and turn off his electronic device. charges dropped against this man accused in a pipe bombing in maryland.
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he was arrested in connection with the explosion five months ago now part of the house was damaged no one was hurt prosecutors have dropped the case against him pending forensic testing. more debt talks today at the white house, representative ron paul saying he is not seeking another term in congress. these topics and more straight ahead. >> as we head to break a live lookout side, whatever, i like this song. the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie it doesn't matter it will be hot enjoy it 
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♪[ music ] good morning atlantis, huge thank you to all the men and women at nasa who worked on the shuttle for the last three decades. >> how cool is that. maybe just i get goose bumps easily but that gave me goose bumps like the baby yesterday did you know that voice? >> yeah. >> crew of space shuttle atlantis woke up to not only sir elton john's classic rocket
7:31 am
man but a message from the man himself. the enastronauts are back -- ten astronauts are back unloading supplies the final mission for the shuttle program. >> cool what a great moment for them. >> really. >> and we get to share in it. >> very nice. >> all right they travel the rest of the way exactly. 7:31 a.m. we are feeling like a get away after the heat we have been having. >> guess what,. >> you are bringing it to us a break. >> yes. >> excellent. >> let's take a look at your weather headlines show you where we are headed the first head lean is indeed a -- headline is in deed a break in the heat. begins today, still hot but not as hot as it has been. a front that is going to move through later a cold front that is going to improve things again not quite so much today but after today when that front comes through it could produce thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening, a 30% chance that means many of you
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won't see anything but i think some of us will get thunderstorms some could be strong later today particularly south and east of the district and comfortable by tomorrow and next several days after that not bad at all. let's look at current temperatures around the region. right now here in the district 83 degrees, 83 washington, 72 gaithersburg burg, annapolis 80, a warm start to the day, 76 quantico, winchester 79, salisbury, also 79 degrees at this hour. satellite radar composite, plenty of blue sky out there this morning we have some cloud cover up to the north and west associated with rain showers this is a frontal boundary this will make its way through here i am not saying that rain will hold together and come through but we will see development of scattered thunderstorms some could be strong. the forecast today, mostly sunny, no heat advisory for today, that is good still warm
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scattered afternoon thunderstorms, 93 degrees for your high follows yesterday's high of 97 degrees for tonight, a cooler night remember early this morning 70s 80s. 68 for your overnight low in town and maybe a couple thunderstorms during the evening hours chance of thatlessens as we get further into the night your 5 day forecast tomorrow not a bad day sunshine cooler, 86 degrees, friday, saturday and sunday, the way it looks now temperatures in the mid-80s plenty of sunshine lower humidity, starts to creep back in through the weekend generally speaking a nice weekend not bad at all. that is a look at what is happening with at the time wear now here -- weather now here is julie wright. >> i like it a jw friday. >> jw weekend. >> even better. >> here we go northbound, 395, the outer loop approaching 95 college park here in maryland delays beginning back near route 1 as you continue to work
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past i-95 and continue towards georgia avenue we are receiving word there is 5 to 6 cars involved in the crash southbound 95 to this outer loop the activity is screesing that right lane contributing to the delay -- squeezing that right lane contributing to the delay headed in the direction of silver springs, look for delays leaving 198 down towards the belt way now 395, accident activity king street off to the shoulder delays beginning at the belt way. all right julie thank you conservative republicans trying to get a balanced budget amendment inserted into the debt deal the move may not have much traction as they need to work things out in fewer than 30 days, republican political strategist joins us and mar gee
7:35 am
good to have you here. debt talks more meetings from the white house yesterday we heard from mitch mcconnell jim first of all, who does this put in a tough situation? seems like it puts a lot of pressure on the president to come up with a plan to put something in writing does it work? is this the kind of plan you think can work? >> i don't think so i think -- i don't think it will ever pass the house of representatives first of all it is probably way too complicated for most people to comprehend and too cute by half so i really don't know and like you said the president could sit down and say okay these are the cuts i want and the congress says no, we don't want to do these cuts i think it is really -- it is getting penned on the republican side what it does do is allows mitch mcconnell to say, look the senate is a proposal, a fall
7:36 am
back proposal, i don't think anybody seriously wants to do this we have a proposal we don't default on anything. throws the ball back in the president's court. >> does this give republicans a chance to say we tried something we put something out there? >> if it did you see more republicans onboard instead you see them fighting amongst themselves there is a few things that are difficult about this the first is it is making it seem you know, the president's aware that he is the leader and president of the country but republicans act as if there was a mandate for them to go to congress and say not my problem that is the language they are using. this recode fies that language not what the american people wanted they wanted someone to change congress and washington not just throw up their hands and say we give up. the second issue they are missing a big opportunity to have a grand deal come to the table, storm out and digging their feet in.
7:37 am
>> everybody is in a tough situation here where does the president fall how much pressure is put on him if he is to the point he has to say look social security benefits could be cut, everything has to be done within the next three weeks. >> the president wants to see the race so the economy doesn't go off a cliff 80 million checks can go out republicans have been in a sanity land some of them where they feel default doesn't really matter, so this shows republicans are on different sides of that point some of them feel it matters some feel it doesn't matter at least, moved a little bit of the ball in that regard i think the president is willing to come to the table and discuss a variety of things the one thing he was insis substantiate on where the american people -- insis taint on where the american people agree we shouldn't hold the entire world's economy hostage. >> you are biting your thumb do you need a band aid.
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>> fantasy land the president is in fantasy land do you know how big the cuts were? $2 billion that is what the president is proposing that is not leadership we can gear toward all the corporate jets, test all the millionaires in the world it doesn't solve the problem we got to solve the problem i think that is what the president is showing now, you are right steve, he has got a problem he needs a deal. all right. let's see how realistic he can get. john boehner walked away all he wants to do is raise taxes and extend spending. maybe mcconnell's idea is a good plan let's see the plan mr. president and your cuts. i think republicans would like a deal whether or not it would happen is up to the president. >> all right how do you see this playing out as we get closer to august 2nd? >> it is funny saying republicans want a deal i am
7:39 am
not seeing that. nothing is passing the house, people are fighting it just seems -- we are not talking about raising the tax rate on average americans we are talking about closing loopholes for the very very wealthy which is what the american people want and what they thought they were electing people to do turns out republicans want to do the exact opposite. i see the president wanting to continue coming to the table as he has been and republicans hopefully this mcconnell deal will be able to debt enough republicans and -- get enough repub republicans. >> what is this plan. >> come to the table and talk about cuts. >> i gave you last word and you ask a question. >> what is the plan. >> that is all nice words and platitudes but what is the plan? >> this is a republican talking. they want to see president obama with a clue in his hand otherwise he is not doing
7:40 am
anything just sitting around it is ridiculous. channeling mitch mcconnell trying to get that plan in. margie you don't have to write that out. >> let's talk 2012, republicans, we heard ron paul will focus on the presidential race, has some work to i do now we have heard more and more from my michelle bachmann she is a strong number 2 to mitt romney what do you see happening. >> rick perry. >> he is polling number three. >> that's right but he has not decided whether or not he is going to run it looks that way he is making all the right calls, calling the a leaders in new hampshire. primary and caucus states if he gets in that changes a different dynamic. we will see what happens. if buzz right now -- the buzz right now out there is whether rick perry gets in. michelle bachmann is holding
7:41 am
her own and the others are sitting watching. >> does it matter to democrats who it is? >> there is one point, this is the first time in 40 years there has not been a clear republican front runner that is why you see folks sitting on the sidelines trying to figure out should they get in. it is not just about polling well nationwide it is about or even in anyone state it is about putting together a national infrastructure a whole separate issue. ron paul did the right thing to focus on his presidential race michelle bachmann is getting excitement because she is exciting. some of these other folks are not. but i think ultimately we are talking about a weak field it is not getting support of primary voters who say they are dissatisfied with the field they are not getting f republican establishment not turning on real donor funds and they are not going to get the support of general election
7:42 am
voters. >> it is nice we have an open field a lot of times in the republican party it is sort of whose turn is it next i think this will be a good thing whom ever -- >> silver lining. >> silver lining. >> that is politics. >> we will see what happens november. maybe by this time next week we will see if we have anymovement in debt ceiling talks back to you. thank you time now 7:42 a.m. on this wednesday morning local man is reaching out to children with incarcerated parents coming up at 8, we will sit down to talk about his organization, called sons of life and listen to his personal story, ahead in our next hour of fox 5 morning news 
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7:45 a.m. right now as we look at things outside my goodness heating up once again tony. >> yes, indeed highs again in the 90s ho day how about -- today how about the low to mid- 90s. >> should we mention it is 83 degrees. >> yeah, in fact let me show you the map it is 83 in the
7:46 am
district. a warm start to the day some of you are in the 70s that is good, 83 degrees here in dc check out temperatures across the mid-atlantic. new york city, 75 degrees, 75 degrees. yeah. 78 richmond, pittsburgh 72, binghamton new york 66 degrees. there you go a look at the future cast today this does indicate some rain showers moving through during the evening hours, good chance of thunderstorms particularly south and east of the district where we could see heavy weather tonight, and then that all pushes off we will have clearer skies, five day forecast, high 93, improving conditions after that, highs mid-80s thursday, friday, saturday and sunday looks good enjoy. >> there you go. >> just in time for the weekend. >> we will take it. >> julie wright, a couple days of sunny 85. >> can't beat it i like it on the roads you will find the outer loop of the belt way very slow as you travel i-95,
7:47 am
college park over to georgia avenue where we had the accident activity squeezing that right lane. keeping you on the brake over to silver springs. travelling northbound 395, remains of the crash, king street, northbound traffic slow from the belt way headed up towards king street that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you julie we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day lindy funk she has been trying quite some time today it is your lucky day ours too we get to see your pretty face if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day go tofox 5 morning news. international dance crew gearing up for its show here in the nations capitol. >> holly morris is hanging out with the dancers ands learning more about the show and costumes good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you it is a besurrey of
7:48 am
activity here -- bevy of activity here, there is going to be an american premier this weekend, we are going behind the scenes this morning, starting in the costume room we will find out about the show what it takes to pull it off and most importantly how you can see it. all next on fox 5 morning news stay with us
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dancers ands from china, spain s ukraine will all perform this weekend at the kennedy center. >> holly morris is there to learn more ability this international -- about this international dance show. >> reporter: good morning let me show you how one critic described the show, pure splendour ingrained with soul. it is making its american debut here at kennedy center two per
7:52 am
poor manses only put on by international -- performances only put on by internationally acclaimed, terracolla, you are the director thank you forgetting up early bringing everyone out. >> it is a pleasure thank you. >> for people not familiar with your theatre, tell us about the history and how it came to be. >> it was created 1968 by mr. carricolla himself. >> your dad so respectful. >> absolutely. he was a student of the martha graham dance school so he adapted the western disciplines of modern dance and intertwined this like dance language with the oriental identities and mysterious east and came up with his own style he created his first ballet 72, started travelling worldwide the first
7:53 am
trip outside of lebanon was japan, owe vacca international arts -- osaka international arts fair. ever since then we come up with a creation every two or three years every musical we tour around the world representing the arts and culture of lebanon and in our own interesting i think dance style which is combined east and west together. >> every show you do truly is a feast for the senses it is over the top spectacular. talk to me about zaid and the dream and what makes this show different than ones before. >> the most distinguished part of this production is i can say different from any other we have four guest dance companies with us that participate in this especially at the end they are a company from the united arab emirates, a company from china, a company from the ukraine and a company from spain and each one of these companies represents its own
7:54 am
identity, folk lore, dance style with its own costumes but at the end, all four companies including our company come together in one choreography, one music, one style bringing all the people from around the world together in one identity. >> music and dance is a universal language. >> right. >> you brought up the costume which is is good we happen to be where all the costumes are being taken care of in the make up room where some of the dancers ands are getting ready we want to check with the wardrobe miss dress good morning. >> good morning. >> if there was ever a show i wanted to play dress up in this might be it. >> let me show you. >> tell me about these costumes. >> they come out from the beauty of the is a what were and they -- sahara. we work on colors and it is revealed we mix the past with the present for the futures, to
7:55 am
give -- to add for and these costumes, the beauty of the color of the sahara people. >> it is so ornate. >> yes. >> the fabric is luscious. >> we do a lot of experience from all over the entire world and it takes a lot of research. >> i am sure. >> for the costumes to reveal you know the costumes are the most important item in play, ballet or it gives that period, tradition of the people,. >> it takes the audience there. >> right. >> it takes them to where you want them to be. >> the colors of the sahara people, it is in the sahara. >> i want people to understand how big your job is there is 100 dancers ands in the show every time you do a new show no piece of choreography or costume is ever repeated. so you start from scratch. >> this is the caracella dance
7:56 am
company of lebanon and this -- it takes a lot of experience a lot of research a lot of work. >> a lot of creativity as well. >> yes. >> in fact these wonderful dancers ands will bring this to life for us in the next hour but let me tell you our website we have a link to kennedy center if you want to see zaid and the dream and its american premier there is only two nights you can do that, 8:00 p.m. friday and saturday tickets as low as $45 you may never get me up to the rehearsal room i may never leave here this is so much fun but we are going to continue to have fun next hour. >> you look good holly >> i love to be beebeesled. >> clipping coupons is a big part of people's every day lives grocery stores starting
7:57 am
to crackdown. >> coming up at 8 we will talk with fox consumer reporter why some stores have had enough when it comes to extreme couponing stay with us, 4 minutes before 8 
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almost ten years after the 9/11 attacks one lawmaker says america's airports are still vulnerable to attack. they will be a hot topic on the hill we are live with a preview. >> then his father is believed to be the right hand man to one of the most infamous drug dealers, now he is dedicating his life to righting the wrong of his father. >> how about coupon clipping it is becoming more and more popular but some stores are cracking down on what they consider to be extreme couponing how extreme is extreme? we will talk with fox consumer reporter with a closer look later this hour. >> glad you are with us i am steve. >> i am alison seymour some folks leave the store with no bill at all. >> more power to them if they
8:01 am
are out there, take advantage. >> steve will tell us how they are trying to fight that. >> oh. >> any way, in the meantime good morning tony. >> good morning. >> another hot one out there. >> it is already warm out there our temperature in town in the 80s already, been in the 80s all during the overnight and early morning hours take a look satellite radar composite and show you we have a good amount of sunshine clouds will move in later on today, they will be -- i am going to say mostly sunny skies for the bulk of the day but certainly some clouds will come in as a cold front gets closer to us associated with that front, rain showers you see them to the north across pennsylvania, that does work its way south ward you can see pop up showers and thunder showers here in our region current temperatures at the airports, 83 at regan national, 74 at dulles, bwi marshall at 78 degrees. your forecast today looks like this. we will see a fair amount of sunshine, scattered afternoon thunderstorms possible some of
8:02 am
them could be heavy, to the south and east of the district is the best chance of that 93 degrees for a high today a quick look at the weather more coming up in just a little bit. >> appreciate it. >> a look at traffic with julie. >> good morning you guys, still very much a busy commute out there on the highway, 704 accident reported, malcolm x work zone, in bound route 4, wood house road to bower house road and headed out towards brandy wine. 395 remains of the crash here at king street off the road to the shoulders, all of our mainline, delays as we travel i- 95, robinson terminal to 66 seattle tied up springfield to telegraph road, outer loop, before route 1, trying to get past the wreck, in the right lane around the georgia avenue that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. our top story new government report shows big
8:03 am
holes in our intelligence on terrorists and many foreign governments are not keeping track of terrorists as foxes katherine reports no news can be very bad for the united states. >> reporter: fox news attained a draft copy of the new gao report after 9/11 gaping holes remain if data bases of overseas terroristpassport security senator collins a senior on the senate homeland security committee. >> the system truly is as strong only as its weakest link. >> reporter: many countries have yet to address fake documents, such as birth certificates a gateway to a genuine passport. many countries use no security features such as bio metrics to prevent fraud and widespread corruption means a wink and nod will get a suspected terrorist through security even with osama bin laden's death at this
8:04 am
compound in may pakistan is the base for al qaeda's core leadership including the egyptian doctor who replaced the al qaeda leader. >> it is stunning pakistan, which is supposed to be our alley in the war against terrorism does not even share finger print data within its own government. >> information sharing and passport security has remained in the u.s. >> they can't carry out their plots without travel documents, some of that is out of our control we are closer to a c. >> former intelligence officials say the u.s. should use leverage to apply higher security standards for some nations it is a resource problem for others it is
8:05 am
refusele to co-operate. u.s. airports are still vulnerable to terror attacks despite billions in security upgrades since 9/11 a hearing on airport security on capitol hill starts in a little more than an hour. >> live at dulles stacy. >> good morning we are coming up upon the 10 year anniversary of september 11th, 2001 there has been billions of dollars put into revamp airport security representative jason of utah says that is not sufficient and that is why he is holding this hearing on airport safety. let me give you statistics, 25,000 security breaches have occurred since november 2001, 14,000 people apparently found their way into secure and restricted areas, 6,000 made it past security without proper scrutiny now on their part tsa says these statistics are misleading only a tiny fraction of 1% of the 5.5 billion people
8:06 am
searched have actually had any problems, and the tsa alleges that those problems range from checked bag being lost or misplaced to a person actually caught breaches security this comes right in the midst of the summer travel season, and of the tsa taking hits for their security procedures including searches of very young children and people in their 90s he is voicing concern airports issued 90,000 special credentials to workers and these credentials allow them to access secure and restricted areas. 16,000 such compasses have been issued here at -- such passes have been issued here at washington dulles according to the congressman this is an example of tsa not being careful scrutinizing their own people but issuing way too many passes to allow people to access secure areas when there is always the presence of an inside threat we will learn much more about the
8:07 am
congressman's concerns coming up at 9:30 a.m. two teens hospitalized after being hit by a car in severna park maryland across from a fire department carnival, west early heights road police say the victims are 17 and 18 years old they were taken to hospital in critical condition the driver stayed on scene. a woman convicted of killing two men driving drunk has learned her fate, she was sentenced to the maximum, 20 years in prison, the 32-year- old struck and killed a 35-year- old and a 340-year-old as they -- 30-year-old as they stood outside their car last february. now that woman read a written apology in court. >> i was angry because to me, it seemed like she didn't
8:08 am
really mean her apology she didn't really care she didn't understand how much trouble she caused and how much pain she caused to my family. with two prior convictions for dwi and suspended license she should never have been behind the real in the first place there is no truth in sentencing so it is unlikely she will ever have to serve the entire sentence, she has a 5- year-old son and expecting another baby that baby is due in september. councilmember phil mendle son withdrew the bill to temporarily allow the government to act as a gun dealer. the mayors office is trying to find a new location for the legal gun dealers business. the councilman may reintroduce the bill if those efforts are unsuccessful. a major shake up of committee assignments, one
8:09 am
surprise stripping tommy wells of his transportation committee chairman ship. brown says he only wants to lump it together with the public works and environment but many are focussing back to the two fully loaded suvs ordered for brown at tax payer cost. not actual truth at all as a matter of fact i have a tremendous amount of respect for councilman wells. i can't say i don't know what the politics is between he and tommy wells. >> ward three councilmember shea will take over. embattled wife of former prince georges county executive jack johnson headed back to work. leslie johnson voted on several nominations but did not speak with reporters noraddress calls for her to step down immediately she detroyed a $100,000 check from a developer to her husband and tried to hide $80,000 in cash from the
8:10 am
fbi stashing it in her bra she faces up to a year and a half in prison last year she announced she will resign end of this month. >> opening statements in the trial of roger clemens he is accused of lying to congress during a hearing in 2008 when he denied using performance enhancing drugs lawyers are expected to begin defense after questioning whether he used peds was proper he faces up to 30 years in prison. his dad is believed to be the right hand man to one of dcs most infamous drug dealers. >> tony lewis junior is dedicating his life to righting the wrongs of his father. we will talk to him stay with us  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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8:13 a.m. maryland man dying of lung cancer wants a police officer charged with assault. last month a missing person's report was issued for him when an officer approached him he told the officer he did not
8:14 am
want to go to the hospital he walked away from he allegedly became violent and the officer wrestled him to the ground. why a dead woman went unnoticed in massachusettss in a pool for two days a boy with the victim the day she drowned claimed lifeguards did not look for her when he told them she did not resurface. two city inspectors at the pool the week of the drowning are being drilled. first of its kind ban in maryland takes effect today it is now illegal to smoke at all howard county owned parks and recreation area violators could face up to $1,000 fine. 8:14 a.m. time to turn our attention to lighter news. >> check with tony with our forecast and a little something extra tony. >> all right thank you much yes, indeed we start with the my first 5 photo of the day today's young person is amari. >> oh,. >> amari. >> eating cheerios for the
8:15 am
first time. or cheetos. >> i was going to say. >> cheetos for the first time. >> look how happy they are making him. >> really cute. >> he is eating them with no teeth. >> i was going to say. >> well, you know they kind of dissolve. >> maybe he is eating the puffy ones not the crunchy. >> yeah, i would thing so. >> he is cute. >> enjoying them. >> thank you for sending that in he is a cute little boy we appreciate that if you want to send us your child's photo go to click on mornings. all right here we go these are your weather headlines today a break in the heat is coming still warm today a break is coming a front moves through later today, a cold front and it could produce some storms around the region this afternoon and tonight. comfortable by thursday and friday and saturday and sunday. yeah. here is a look at temperatures hey, we have gone up to 85 degrees in the district, man,
8:16 am
83 raleigh, 80 boston, warm across the south, we are still warmer than miami, let's see wichita kansas, 74 degrees, and in let's see denver 61 degrees in denver. don't forget that cool air will work its way in here later on your 5 day forecast 93 degrees for your high maybe thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight tomorrow 86 cooler, less humid, friday, saturday, sunday they all look like good days get outside and enjoy them. >> that is a look at weather now an update on traffic from julie. you said we were going to make that lunch thing happen friday so i called a couple of my friends just so we could all get together. it has been awhile. >> wait a minute. >> we will talk. >> all right. on roads now, they are checking for accident activity, 704,
8:17 am
inbound 50 looking good, congested 410 river dale headed into northeast washington southbound 270, crash here 28th they moved the remains of it off to the shoulder you will find your lanes are open on the outer loop of the belt way crash after 95 college park getting back route 1, outer loop tied up here, in the direction of the wilson bridge local lanes before you commit to the wilson bridge accident could be blocking the right lane southbound i-95 in maryland that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank julie. imagine living day today without being able to speak or see your parents whenever you wanted to the harsh reality for young people in our area thanks to an organization called sons of life children with incarcerated parents are able to connect with their families joining us now with more information and his own special story the founder, tony lewis junior good morning. >> good morning how are you?
8:18 am
>> doing well i am glad you are in today want to talk about the organization first tell us about sons of life and why you founded this. >> all right. sons of life is an organization group of five individuals, one a previously incarcerated individual and four kids of incarcerated parents, able to circumvent and navigate through some of the societal trap doors, perceived direction kids of incarcerated parents will go into i decided to bring these people together and focus on providing social and educational programs to kids of incarcerated parents, 1.7 million kids in this country happen to fall into that category and 6 times more prone to go to prison, more emotional and social issues than normal kids i felt like if i made it, other people could and i wanted to show them the way if i could. >> right and you made it. those watching now, are no doubt from here in the area going to know tony lewis junior is the son of tony lewis senior
8:19 am
the partner of one of the biggest drug dealers in dc of all time so you know, from what you speak personally. >> absolutely. >> here is a photo of you as a young man tell us about growing up and the role your father played in your life why he chose the path he chose and you chose the opposite. >> the reason my dad chose the path he chose was because he didn't have a father, he grew up in a very poor impoverished community, in those types of -- no excuse but you get pushed into the streets, my dad was a very hands on father when he was here and even in prison, in some ways, you know i know that i am the man i am today because of him he never wanted me to follow in his footsteps i can only hope that some of the choices -- the positive choices he helped me to make can barter the bad ones he made i thank my
8:20 am
dad for everything he has done. >> he is watching today he is incarcerated in cumberland. >> yeah, so good morning dad i love you. yeah. >> all right he has got to be proud of the work you are doing >> i know he is. he is actually with sons of life some of the projects we have done we did a toy drive over the christmas break we are planning a bus drive up to the prison for kids to visit. he is helping identify the fathers there and me the children so we can work that process out. >> the life is some times glorified you are living in an impoverished air you you have the clothes the jewellery the cars the perception of wealth that is a very -- a trap that can easily catch a whole lot of very smart people. >> absolutely. >> what saved you? >> i think having that really hands on or birds eye view of the tragedies that come along
8:21 am
with this, my dad made a lot of money but my dad serving a life sentence in prison my friends died in the streets that i come up in everybody around me is in prison therefore i know that that glorification leads to death and destruction and that was something i didn't want and my mom was very very addment about education and the rest of my family education saved me i know it can save other people that is why anything i can do to promote young people to follow their dreams and to focus on education things of that nature i do it because all of that in the street that is short lived. >> that is the message. >> absolutely. >> you directed and produced a documentary of the same name, son of life it is going to be shown at this year's international film festival and we are seeing a little bit of that now but i want to get to a big honor, steve harvey's hoody awards, you have been nominated for community leader you can
8:22 am
vote today this is a huge honor often the work that you do and other people in the community gets overlooked. >> absolutely. i am just honored, i am humbled, that i would even be considered to be one of the best communities in the country dc dmv they logged on and voted for me to become a nominee it is time they go back and vote even if i don't win i am not mad at that the opportunity to attend the hood diawards and be considered in the company of all the nominees, three women from new york city that is symbolic of who is active in our community i think men need to be more active and young people need to be more active if i can be a symbol for that i am happy. >> at the end of this interview i want to ask if you have anything special to say to your dad instead i am going to ask you if there is anything you could say to the kids it is summer time maybe they are watching the show you are the
8:23 am
product of this exact system, but look how you turned out can you say anything to the young people. >> definitely to all kids know that you know, every decision that you make you have to live with it only you can pay the consequence for it, be very smart in the decisions you make go to school get your education, have the courage to be an individual know that you are special and i think enough kids don't understand you are special you can be anything you want to be. >> you will go on forever with this mission i appreciate you coming in today good luck. >> thank you. >> vote vote vote can you vote more than one time. >> via text and e-mail do both. >> steve over to you. >> thanks very much. 8:23 a.m., crew on shuttle atlantis getting a very special message from the artist who sings today's wake up song we will have that when we come back. >> this weekend, the dance theatre making its pre mere at the kennedy center we will have a sneak peek later on 
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
♪oh, i am a rocket man, rocket
8:27 am
man, i'm ... ♪ >> shuttle atlantis crew woke up to elton john's rocket man not much of a surprise goes with the space theme what was a shocker was the star sent up a special message. >> a huge thank you to all the men and women at nasa who worked on the shuttle for the last three decades,. that is pretty cool yesterday the crew successfully completed nasa's last space walk today they will focus on space station stockpiling they delivered a year's worth of food, clothes, and supplies today they will unload that cargo carrier that flew up on the shuttle. it is 8:27 a.m. on wednesday morning it goes against everything you might think, one author says tough economic times are good times for nonprofits here in thedc area find out when you come back. >> coupon clipping becoming more and more popular some stores cracking down on what
8:28 am
they consider extreme couponing take another look in our next half hour. stay with us it is 8:28 a.m. 0 o [ mr. connally ] i was paying too much with cable.
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that's 1-877-797-3467. at 1-800-974-6006 tty/v. [ mrs. connally ] you can't take my fios away. [ male announcer ] fios. a network ahead. 8:30 a.m., 85 degrees some stories making headlines remembering betty ford during a private funeral service tuesday in southern california the former first lady was praised as a role model for every presidential wife who followed in her footsteps her casket is due to arrive this morning in grand rapids michigan where she will be buried. >> no deal on the debt talks, but suggesting a plan to give the president authority to raise the credit limit on his own. mitch mcconnell wants to give the president power to increase the debt limit to avoid default next month. >> speed cameras coming to prince georges county the county council held a public hearing last night on where to put the cameras, right now the
8:32 am
county has a list of possible locations, posted on their website find a link to their website on ours check out web links. 8:32 a.m., already temperatures mid-80s, 85 degrees. >> overnight low, 82 degrees. >> yeah, i saw that i couldn't hardly sleep. >> i couldn't either last couple days. >> i didn't need to put that hardly in but. >> i didn't sleep well either. >> barometric pressure. >> the full moon is coming too. more on that later. let's get to temperatures let me let you know generally improving conditions here, not so much today still 90s today, not comfortable particularly this afternoon chance of more showers and thunderstorms cooler and dryer air finally on the move, as you get into night time hours it will feel a lot better i promise. 85 regan national, 77 in gaithersburg burg lots of 80s, 82 annapolis, frederick,
8:33 am
dulles, off to the east annapolis 82 degrees baltimore 08, expect afternoon -- 80, expect afternoon highs, 90s. 93, 94 the afternoon highs hot again increasing chance that we will get at least some widely scattered showers and thunder showers as the frontal system approaches this satellite radar, hazy, hot and humid to start the day as we get into the afternoon hours finally on the move frontal system, cold front that will bring us cooler and dryer air as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow that could spark off a few late day showers and thunderer storms but on the way, get here soon enough 93, plenty of sunshine hot, 30 to 40% chance better chance than yesterday, no heat advisory doesn't mean it will not be hot early storm tonight, cooling, overnight, overnight lows, 60s city, mid-60s outside the belt way, notably less humid around here later this evening tomorrow as well check out that 5 day, thursday,
8:34 am
friday, saturday, sunday, gorgeous, mid-80 sunshine, really nice stretch for the middle of july. >> steve, talk with you. >> recession has had negative effects on many of us one author says it is good for nonprofits including some in our area, the find out why we are joined by the author of the future of nonprofits thanks for being with us. >> yes. >> let's talk about the headline how nonprofits can benefit now because of these tough times we find ourselves in. >> you bet a lot of opportunities for nonprofits to go out and do things such as social media fundraising go out instead of asking for $100, $150 ask for $25 on social networks, twitter and facebook economy has hit everyone hard there is a lot of opportunity to partner with business do more corporate sponsorships whether it is a car dealership down the streeter big tech
8:35 am
companies here in dc. >> some bullet points things nonprofits should do, let's talk about nonprofits doing these things, here in dc. >> we have seen agreat adoption from people such as red cross and dc soup kitchen, robert egger has done an amazing job on fundraising on social media there is entire companies such as help let people pledge the amount of twitter updates and facebook updates they do towards their favorite nonprofit. >> how do you set that up what should people do if they are interested in getting involved and can you really raise funds this way? >> yea, definitely we have seen a great up take it is capturing people in their 20s and 30s instead of maybe 40s and 50s. do this type of fundraising take these donations a great site is future of, a lot of the books examples online people can check that out.
8:36 am
>> social media, just so big these days when it comes to everything really but especially when it comes to nonprofits. >> definitely you know they are really growing their fan base like i said they are really growing that percentage of people in their 20s and 30s and 40s on social media, hearing about these nonprofits and volunteering and reaching out and actually getting involved through that. >> one thing you are saying too not just try to find a way to partner with some body or use this for donations don't be afraid to let your employees -- work places block websites in some places it is good to have your workers doing -- employees doing the work for you. >> they will say hey boss we are interested in this i am already volunteering for them and that leads to good corporate sponsorships as well. >> i don't want to focus just on social media talking about employees helping out one thing
8:37 am
you mentioned was to kind of have glorified brainstorming sessions not just talking about things but having competition what is is the best way to strategize. >> in the book we talk about innovation process all these people get hired by nonprofits in their 20s and 30s and get told no to their ideas and that is why they leave nonprofits we plan out a strategy how to take good ideas find money for them and execute them maybe it turns into a new website or a new program. >> you did yourself when working with nonprofits. >> definitely i was at american cancer society for 10 years in their texas office we did a lot of cool innovative programs that turned into actual new websites or built the first pda application for those effected by cancer which doctors could take in and use on their pda in with patients. >> starts with an idea. >> what do you see as the future? what do you see in the crystal
8:38 am
ball? >> five things for communications and five things for fundraising, my favorite for fundraising is the rise of social games, so people love to play games how nonprofits can get kind of connected with gaming companies to make giving interesting maybe you get a badge or maybe you get karma points, maybe you get some other cool online thing forgiving i will leave the rest for people to read in the book >> appreciate you being here the book called future of nonprofits we have links at >> 8:38 a.m., 85 degrees. >> starbucks now selling its super sized trenta coffees here in dc we will take a closer look at these drinks that actually hold more liquid than the human stomach can hold coming up after 9
8:39 am
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contractor is investigating how some of its private files ended up on the internet they confirmed the data breach a day after members of an online activist group claimed to have stolen tens of thousands of encrypted military passwords and posted them online the company says they don't believe the attack went that far. 8:42 a.m. wednesday morning coupon clipping becoming more and more popular in this tough economy. >> some stores are cracking down on what they consider to be extreme couponing a closer look at that when we come back holly good morning. >> good morning if you are looking for something to do this weekend look no further i have the event, special performances going on at kennedy center we are live american premier of zaid and the dream will happen here we are getting in on early morning rehearsal we will talk about all the different dancers andmagnitude of this show and why you don't want to miss it live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us  [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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[ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock, paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ]
8:45 am
one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®. >> well, some body in virginia
8:46 am
is holding on to a mega millions lottery ticket worth a cool quarter million dollar it is winner has only until 5:00 p.m. monday to claim the prize these are the winning numbers for the ticket from january 18th drawing, the ticket was purchased in chesapeake virginia. if the prize is not claimed the money will go to the state's literary fund. you can call it a crackdown on smart shopping with the growing popularity of coupon clipping during tight economic times some retailers and manufacturers are saying enough is enough. >> they want to put an end to extreme couponing foxes consumer reporter is live in dallas this morning with exactly what this is and what they are trying to do and how we can fight it good morning what qualifies as extreme what does that mean? >> reporter: yeah, alison we are talking about people who come through the stops some say extreme i say -- stores, some say extreme i say creative they are buying 50 of an item
8:47 am
because they have found a way to combine coupons personally i feel like look coupons encourage consumers to try new products, get products into some body's home if you are willing to do the leg work save whatever you want now storemanufacturers are saying no, we have some new rules for you. >> well, let's break it down what are they? >> reporter: all right target stores here national chain very popular discounter for a lot of people they now say you can no longer use two of the same type of coupon, on the same item. for example if you have a manufacturers, buy one get one free coupon you can't then take an additional manufacturers coupon and apply it to that first item you have to purchase to get the second one free proctor and gamble as a national manufacturer says no more unlimited number of coupons for the same type of item for example you find a great deal on razor blades you can't buy ten newspapers come to the store with ten coupons,
8:48 am
buy ten units you are limited to four. >> okay how do we get around this steve? >> all right here is where we've done some homework for you specifically in dc area, the best coupon policy is super fresh stores, and harris theatre stores that is really the key doing your homework knowing the fine print target for example, while you can't use two manufacturers coupons to stack target will allow you to take a manufacturers coupon and then a target coupon and apply them to the same item and vice versa. so it really is about finding those loopholes i want you to check out a website called the grocery take a look at our receipt from the shop that we did recently with the ceo i mean we saved more than $300 in one trip to the store, and we didn't violate any new extreme couponing rules when we did it here is how the philosophy behind the grocery game is this not how many coupons you use but how effectively you use them they track what is called
8:49 am
categorical sales trends each item cycles to rock bottom price once every three or four months that is when they alert you and say hey this item is at the lowest price it will be now is the time to apply your coupon to make sure you are getting the best possible value. that is the longest receipt i have ever seen in my life how much did you spend? >> you saved $300 did you? >> we saved $327, and our bill we paid $52.19. >> oh, my goodness. >> you were able to do that getting around all those -- >> yeah, using the grocery >> can you come shopping to dc and go shopping with me some time. >> i love it, it is like cash in the paper every week i don't understand why more people don't use them. now we have a better idea how to do it thank you so very much happy shopping to you.
8:50 am
>> you bet. >> the dance theatre and internationally acclaimed dance company performing this weekend kennedy center. >> holly morris is there this morning to learn more about their performance i am super impressed about how many people came out today how many performers, that is wonderful. >> the entire cast 100 dancers ands we are talking about came out just for us next time that you thing l.a. gets all the great entertainment stuff first think again, zaid and the dream is making its american debut here at the kennedy center, then they are going to l.a. if you want to see it first come out, this weekend they are getting in early morning rehearsal for us right now i am joined by the director and the director of the arts department of the abu dhabi authority of culture and heritage. >>ivan there is no small scale when you talk about a show put
8:51 am
on by your dance theatre, give me an idea of the magnitude of this show. >> well, it is over 140 people involved, we have been to several countries, many cities, since 2008 we opened in abu dhabi did a season in beirut, paris today we are in washington dc moving to l.a. then we have a tour in china upcoming november. so it is quite a big show quite a magnitude, but you know it is a lot of logistics to go through like when you look at the message and achievements of this production, through great partnership between the the abu dhabi authority and the dance theatre, you really then it sinks in the message behind it. >> you all commissioned a showing already spoke to partnership why so important for your organization to be a part of something like this? >> it is a part of our goal and
8:52 am
strategy, to do joint venture between us and groups very famous groups to perform, international performances like the one we have here, and to show that abu dhabi is one of the main players in the world of arts and culture we wanted to have part of our strategy to have abu dhabi as a hub of arts and culture. >> how did you go about choosing who would be in the show? >> the concept was to create a show based on the life achievements of his late highness the founder of the uae we came about you know, we worked very hard together, to make sure we got the right structure of the production, and then, again, to show importance of abu dhabi today and the role it is playing in the middle east we brought around all these different international dancers ands,
8:53 am
international dance companies people today you can go to the guggenheim, you can watch the symphony orchestra, watch aida. this that we are showing with all these companies each company representing a different culture of a different continent bringing together the message of abu dhabi. >> the world premier was in abu dhabi itself what was your first reaction when you saw the show? >> very beautiful promising it will tour the world this is why we have this fusion of this theatre we wanted it to be shown everywhere in the world this is why we have done a lot of hubs to be part of our cycle, touring of this performance in the world. >> we are grad you chose dc first in the u.s. thank you. >> thank you we are happy to be here a big thank you to kennedy center and great people here they are very inspiring and a big thank you also to abu dhabi
8:54 am
culture promoting this production and we look forward to our upcoming american tour. >> thank you our website we have a link to kennedy center there are two performances only, friday and saturday, 8:00 p.m. get your tickets now, however, you need to be late for work because coming up in our next hour, see all these beautiful people they came in just for us they are warming up just for us and the entire cast, in costume, is going to be on stage eisenhower theatre, live, in our 9:00 a.m. hour and they are going to do the finale just for us. aren't you glad you watched fox 5 morning news. >> private show fantastic. >> thank you so much. it is 8:54 a.m. we still have more for you this morning on this wednesday morning next hour we are going to talk about a pill showing promise preventing aids. >> also, after 9 latest on quite a scare for halle berry a
8:55 am
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we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, lindy funk she has been trying quite some time now guess what you finally made it you are today's fan of the day you get to keep that honor all day long thanks for being with us this morning. >> if you would like to be tomorrow's facebook fan to have day find us searching for fox 5 morning news on facebook. and then post a comment under lindy's photo. let's turn things over to tony and alison. tony. >> all right steve thank you very much here is a look at some stories we are following for the 9:00 a.m. hour. tens of thousands of security breaches at u.s. airports in
8:59 am
the past 10 years but what do numbers mean when you break it all down how concerned should we be. we will take a look straight ahead. >> eating right several large restaurant chains rolling out menu changes the point to make healthier meals for our kids what some of the new choices will be. >> speaking of changes, a new option at starbucks get a trenta size serving all across our area, but not everything is available in that giant cup we will tell you what you can get and tell you how big that cup is. are we going to try to drink it in a certain amount of time? >> i hope not. weather center now tucker cool drink might be nice. >> particularly a trenta yes. the more the merrier. hot again this afternoon highs back low 90s better than yesterday when much of the area was mid-to up

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